Job 41:1 “‘”Can you draw out the crocodile with a fishhook? Or press down his tongue with a cord?’”


Chapter 41 is a full description of the strength and ferociousness of the crocodile. I’ve seen these creatures.  They make the American alligator look tame. They are huge and monstrous.  God describes it to Job in complete detail and says, “I made that!”

God’s power is exhibited throughout creation, but nothing He created can compare to the Creator.  He is more powerful than anything that exists.  He is the energy source behind everything.  He powers the universe.  Job seems to have forgotten that in his misery.  God is just reminding him that He knows and can take care of the trials Job is facing.


 If you read this chapter with your children find a good National Geographic video that shows the crocodile.  Let them see the power and force they have to take down full grown wildebeest. And once they have seen that, explain that God’s power goes way beyond that.  It is immeasurable.

My kids always liked flexing their muscles when they were little.  I would brag on how big their muscles were.  Then they would want to see my muscles, as puny as they were.  But in comparison to theirs, it was huge.  Power belongs to God, not us.  Real power belongs to the Power Maker.  He is reliable and sustainable energy at its best.

Are you feeling powerless right now?  Let Him energize you.  He will. He wants to.  Plug in to Him today.

Lord, You are all powerful.  I know that. Remind me today just how powerful You are.


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