Job 39:1-30 “‘Do you know…’”


This is the first time I have picked a WHOLE chapter for the day.  But you have to read it.  Chapter 39 contains the words of the Lord to Job questioning him about where he was when he created all these animals.  He lists mountain goats, wild donkeys, wild oxen, ostriches, horses and hawks.

But look at the location these animals are found. They are on the mountain, in the plains, in the fields, in the desert, in the battles and in the air. Everywhere.  God is saying to Job, “I made all these things to cover my creation. Where were you when I did all this, if you are so smart?”


 If you haven’t had your wisdom questioned by your child yet, just wait.  It’s coming. Moms and Dads are so stupid when the children are under 22 or 23 years old.  Then all of a sudden, we get our brains back.  The children come to us for advice.  You may be tempted to shout out to them like the Lord did to Job.  Just remember, you are not God.  Lol

Seriously though, our children do need to be taught that their elders do possess a little more life experience than they do.  We have gone through some of the same battles they are facing.  We have struggled just like they are struggling now and have the scars to prove it. Teach them to listen and respect those who have “been there and done that.”

Who have you “disrespected”?  Is there someone, maybe even your parents, whom you have not heeded their advice?  Now you see they were right, but you haven’t told them so.  Do that.  Confess your sin to them.  Yes, I said sin.  Disobeying and not respecting those who are our authority is sin.  See it that way, and you will be more prone to listen.

O Lord, I know You created all things new.  I know You have the wisdom of the ages.  I also realize You have imparted that wisdom to others, many of which have crossed my path. Help me to listen and pass on that wisdom to others.


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