Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.”


I distinctly remember writing this verse down in a letter to my older brother, Tim, when he was away at college.  I had just gotten saved the summer before my senior year of high school.  Tim was going into his senior year of college, and I was concerned for his salvation. I had been a very negative influence on him and wanted to make up for it by pointing him to Christ.

Solomon begins his proverbs with these words in verse 7 of chapter 1.  Here is the wisest man who ever lived, up to that point, telling us true wisdom comes from a healthy fear of God. Fear is really “awe” here.  We need to keep in mind what an awesome, glorious God we serve.


 Children have a hard time understanding “awe.” When we talk about fearing the Lord, their little minds think about being scared.  They fear the dark.  They fear the boogie man.  They may even fear broccoli (lol).  So, try not to use the word “fear” when describing this.

Respect is a good word to use.  Adore is good also.  But awe is the best.  How to define awe to a child.  Watch a beautiful sunset.  Look at a mountain the colors of Fall.  Look at the ocean waves continually breaking.  And then think of the One who made it all.  Now that’s awe.

Have you lost your awe of God?  Get it back.  Look at Him with a whole new respect.  Recognize His majesty.  Consider all He has done.  Be in awe!

Lord, You truly are an awesome God.  You are indescribable.  You are beyond description.  And You still love me.  Now that is truly awesome.


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