Job 37:5 “‘”God thunders with His voice wondrously, doing great things which we cannot comprehend.’”


I grew up in South Georgia where thunderstorms are pretty common.  I am amazed when I meet someone who has never experienced one.  Thunderstorms can be oddly invigorating or terribly frightening, depending on where you are standing when the lightning strikes.  When you are safe inside a good building, you can enjoy the lightning bolts as they dash across the sky and then wait with anticipation for the boom that follows.

Elihu is speaking here again and rightly compares God’s voice to that thunder. God truly is behind the storms in our lives.  I am not saying He causes them, but, as a believer, I must believe that He allows them. But if God allows the thunder and lightning in our lives, He will protect us.  He is that strong shelter defending us from the storm.


 Do your children like the storms?  Most children don’t.  They come running for mom or dad when the thunder starts.  What a perfect time to read this verse and talk about God’s thunder! Tell them that thunder can be scary, but they can trust Him.  Tell them that God will never allow anything to touch them that He hasn’t already touched Himself.

Now, we don’t purposely run into a thunderstorm.  It is smart to seek shelter.  In the same way we teach our children that they should always go the Father. They should never choose to run into a storm.  But if they face one (and they will) they should run to His shelter.

Are you in a storm?  Have you faced those lightning bolts and thunder that you were sure were going to tear you apart?  Look to Him. Listen to His voice in the storm. He will guard you and protect you. You are His.  He loves you with an everlasting love.

God of the storms, calm my heart when lightning strikes.  Hold me close and reassure me of Your presence.  Let me hear Your voice whisper my name.


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