Job 32:8b “‘And the breath of the Almighty gives them understanding.’”


 It seems many of us think we know more than we really know.  Have you ever known any one you could call a “know it all”? Boy, I have.  But I have also been called that myself.  My momma would have said I was “too big for my britches.”

Elihu, the youngest man to confront Job and his friends, rightly said that it is God who gives us understanding.  And where does that come from?  From His Word.  His Word is like an artesian well that never stops flowing.  It keeps giving us wisdom and knowledge.  But we must spend time in it.


Have you ever had to help your child study for a test?  If so, you know how hard it can be to instill knowledge. Memorizing spelling words or algebra formulas can be a daunting task.  But learning God’s Word is taught through the Spirit.  As your child (and you) surrender to His will, the Spirit gives you the understanding.

The next time you find yourself drilling your child on vocabulary or math, remind them how the Spirit comes to our aid as we turn to His Word.  In fact, why don’t you both start memorizing a verse a week. You just might learn something new.

Are you still a learner?  Do you seek God’s mind on things or push through with your own wisdom?  Let Him teach you great and mighty things.  Let Him fill your mind with His knowledge and understanding.  I promise He won’t disappoint.

O Great Teacher, fill my mind with godly things. Fill my thoughts with You.  Teach me today the truths You would have me know.


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