Job 29:14 “‘”I put on righteousness, and it clothed me; my justice was like a robe and a turban.’”


The book of Job has always been an interesting one.  Satan gets a sucker punch at Job.  God allows it.  Job suffers. Others accuse him.  He refuses to sin.  But wait….did he?  Look at today’s verse.  We may just discover something that happened to Job during this trial.

There is no doubt at the beginning of this trial Job was simply serving the Lord and attempting to do the right thing for himself and his family.  But during the trial itself Job clings to his righteousness.  And by doing that, he sins.  Yes, I truly believe that.  Others may disagree with me, and that’s okay.  But when anyone begins to tout their own righteousness, that becomes sin.


 Have your children ever said, “But Mom, I didn’t do anything wrong!”  While that might be true in regard to the immediate issue, that statement wouldn’t hold water.  I guarantee they have done something wrong in the past and will do something wrong in the future.  They have NO righteousness in themselves.

We must teach our children that our righteousness only comes through our surrender to Christ.  It is His righteousness that clothes us.  We have nothing to put on ourselves but guilt, shame and regret.  But in Christ, we walk as sons of the King.  That’s a truth worth sharing with our children. We glory, not in ourselves, but in Christ.

Do you see yourself as righteous?  Or do you see yourself as hopeless.  I claim the righteousness of the Lord for my life because He died to make me righteous. I know the only thing good about me is Him and in that I boast.

Remind me, Lord, to glory only in You.  When others praise my efforts let me be quick to point to You.  Help me show others Your righteousness that is available to all who believe in Your name.


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