Job 25:4 “‘How then can a man be just with God? Or how can he be clean who is born of woman?’”


 The shortest man in the Bible is talking to Job here.  This is Bildad the Shuhite (shoe height, get it?  You will later, lol).   Bildad is telling Job, “There is no man who is just before God, including you!” Oh, what Bildad didn’t know.  He assumed Job’s guilt.  He assumed Job had sinned some terrible sin or sins.  But he didn’t know the real story.

Also, Bildad did not know about the coming Messiah.  Jesus makes everyone just who accepts Him as Savior.  We are not made just because of anything we do. It is all because of Him.  We are seen as clean because of His shed blood. He makes us just and clean.


 The next time little Elrod or Gertrude come in from a long day of playing outside and are dirty and filthy, this verse should be shared with them as you are cleaning them up.  Just like our physical bodies, our spiritual “bodies” are dirty and filthy before Christ.  But when we ask Him into our lives and accept Him as our Savior and Lord, we are washed clean.  What a perfect visual for your kids.

Kids understand concrete things.  Make it visible to them.  Let them see the verse come alive.  It can mean so much more.  Years later, when they are bathing their own children this verse will come back to them. Unjust to just.  Unclean to Clean.  The miracles continue.

Do you need a good scrubbing?  Have you asked the Lord to make you just and clean?  Now is the time.  Perhaps you are a believer, but you have been living a life not pleasing to the father. You have gotten sin stained, sins that are already forgiven but are unconfessed.  Take those to Him now.

Lord of all, You are the only One who can make me just.  Only You can cleanse me.  I praise You for the power of Jesus’ blood to make this possible in my life.


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