Job 21:14 “‘They say to God, “Depart from us! We do not even desire the knowledge of Your ways.”’”


 These words of Job in chapter 21 regarding the wicked could have been written today.  People all around us are saying the exact same thing, only harsher.  They want no part of God.  They even deny His existence.  They mock those who do believe and call us foolish.  Oh, but the knowledge of God will one day be very clear to them.

Job, just like us, knew the wicked would face their own judgment one day.  But he also saw them “getting by” with their wicked ways and even flourishing here on earth.  That is hard to stomach, especially if you, a believer, are going through a trial.  God’s ways are not our ways.  That is what we have to hold on to.


Children struggle with this too.  They will question why the bully in the classroom gets his or her way.  They will wonder why they are not rewarded for doing the right thing.  That is a hard thing to explain to children, especially when they are very young.  The only good way is to take them to the Word.

Job’s story, in its entirety, explains this clearly.  It would be worth reading to your children when they are going through this.  Take a few nights and read the whole book.  Find an easy translation so they will understand it, but read it to the end. Then they will see how God comes through – EVERY TIME.

Are you questioning God right now?  Are you looking around at lost people you know who are getting wealthy and wondering why God won’t bless you?  Don’t let your eyes linger on worldly things.  Remember your treasures are not like the world’s.  Your treasure is in heaven where one day you will reap your rewards.  Don’t live for now.  Live for then.

Father, You bless me in ways I never know.  Open my eyes to see all You are doing in and around me.  Let me a blessing to someone else who is suffering for Your name.


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