Job 17:7a “‘My eye has also grown dim because of grief,’”


Job’s days aren’t getting better. He said he is grieving so much his eyes are getting weak.  Have you ever wept so much your eyes swelled up?  I have. I remember one time I cried so hard and my eyes swelled so big that someone thought I had been punched.

Grief is a horrible thing and a wonderful thing.  Grieving, in and of itself, is not a bad thing.  Grieving allows us to vent emotions over the loss of something or someone. These emotions need to come out for us to remain healthy.  But too much grief, unresolved grief, will lead to depression and worse.  Give your grief over to the Lord, which Job has not done yet in chapter 17.


Have you seen your child grieve yet? It’s a horrible sight for a parent. It’s a helpless feeling to see them hurting and crying.  There is literally nothing we can do to stop it.  All we can do is pray with them and for them and hold them.  If you haven’t experienced this yet, you probably will sooner or later.

How to we teach “proper” grieving? How do we teach godly grief?  Only by modeling it to them and taking them to the Word.  Kids learn by example.  If they see us holding on to our own grief, they won’t learn to let go of their grief. If they see us using grief as an excuse for behavior, they will learn to do the same.  Like I said earlier, grief can be healthy if handled correctly.  But it must be given to Jesus. He understands your grief.

Are you grieving right now over something in your life?  Do you have unresolved grief?  Hand it over to the Master.  He gave you that heart, and He knows how to ease the pain.  Trust Him with your emotions.

 Heart Maker, take my emotions and turn them Godward.  Take my hurt and grief and turn them into joy.  Help me the kind of example of godly grief that others can turn to.


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