2 Kings 9:20b “‘and the driving is like the driving of Jehu the son of Nimshi, for he drives furiously.’”


 Road rage has obviously been around a lot longer than the term as been used. Jehu was known as one who “drives furiously.”  What did that mean exactly?  I mean, he wasn’t driving a sports car or a Mack truck.  He was driving a chariot.

Whatever he was driving, undoubtedly, he was known as a crazy driver.  The Lord chose him, though, to be the instrument of justice over Joram and Jezebel.  Jehu executed them both according to God’s command.  He did it quickly and without hesitation.  He didn’t try to rationalize it.  He just acted.


Now today’s lesson isn’t a driving lesson.  I am not trying to tell you how to drive or how to teach your children to drive.  Today’s lesson is, once again, about obedience.  The Lord used a crazy driver.  So, He can use you and your children.

I never get over the fact that God can use anyone. He can make the most unsuspecting person a tool in His plan.  You don’t know what God has planned for your children.  Your job is to have them ready to be used.  Your job is to teach them to hear and then respond to the Lord’s commands.

Jehu hurriedly drove to execute God’s judgment.  Are you in a rush to follow the Lord?  Most of the time we have to be drugged to the place of obedience.  It is so much easier to just do it.  Allow the Lord to use you when and how He chooses.

You are my Commander, O Lord.  Help me be ready at all times to respond to Your call. Help me show my children how to hear and obey.


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