2 Kings 14:9b “‘The thorn bush which was in Lebanon sent to the cedar which was in Lebanon, saying, “Give your daughter to my son in marriage.”’”


 Amaziah, King of Judah, had just defeated Edom and was feeling very powerful and arrogant.  So, he challenged Jehoash, King of Israel.  Remember, Israel was 10 tribes and Judah was 1. Jehoash tried to avoid the battle, but Amaziah was insistent.  The result – defeat for Judah.

Arrogance and pride will make you a little too big for your britches.  Boasting and showing off never leads to good.  While here on earth Jesus still had the power of all the heavens at His fingertips, but He never called them down when challenged.  Instead, He humbled Himself to the point of death.


Children will naturally want to brag on stuff.  They may even brag about you (and you must admit you like that).  But we have to teach them humility and the right kind of pride.  Unfortunately, humility has to be learned firsthand.  You can’t give them a lesson on it.  They have to experience it themselves.

You can model humility for them, and you should, but for them to truly understand it, they have to experience it. I am convinced, however, that once they experience true humility in the name of Jesus, they will know the joy that comes with it.

Are you bowing in humility today? Or are you proud and boastful of who you are?  We are nothing outside of Christ.  Our only boast-worthy thing is Him.  We stand before Him humble and abased.  But IN Him we boast!

Lord Jesus, You are the perfect example of humility for me to follow.  I see Your strength in Your humble life and Your willingness to lay it all down for others. Help me live like You today.


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