1 Kings 17:6 “The ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning and bread and meat in the evening, and he would drink from the brook.”


Let me tell you no one has ever accused me of eating like a bird.  I love to eat.  I am not extremely picky, so when my wife and I are trying to decide where to go out to eat, I leave it up to her.  I can eat just about anything.

I have also never been fed by a bird.  I bet Elijah hadn’t either.  So, when the Lord said go to the brook and I will send the ravens to feed you, he was probably thinking, “I can’t wait to see this.”  Remember, ravens are not the most generous birds.  In fact, they are quite stingy and are even known for scavenging food.  For God to use this bird to feed someone was quite a miracle.


 The next time your Gertrude or Elrod have to share a piece of cake or pie, tell them this story.  Tell them how God even instructed the ravens to share food with Elijah.  God sustained him for a long time with the bread and meat. So, surely they can share a little food with each other.

But the main point of the story is that God is the source, not the birds.  God provided the bread and meat.  It was just delivered by the ravens.  Perhaps you and your children could deliver some food to a needy individual or family.  If God can use birds, He can certainly use you and your children.

Who can you help today?  Is that person on the street corner holding the sign an object of scorn for you or an opportunity to be used of the Lord?  You don’t know their story.  Maybe God has placed them there to test you, not them.

Provider of all I have, remind me daily how you are my source for everything.  You are the one who provides my daily bread.  Help me be an example to others of Your provision and grace.


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