1 Kings 14:12 “‘Now you, arise, go to your house. When your feet enter the city the child will die.’” 


 You need to read the whole chapter of 1 Kings 14 to get the full story.  Short version – Jeroboam had disobeyed God, and God could not stand for that.  In this verse, Ahijah the prophet is telling the wife of Jeroboam that their son was going to die.

What would you have done?  I think I would have stayed gone so he could live.  After all, Ahijah said, “When your feet enter the city…”  I would have been thinking if I stayed out of the city he could live.  We know nothing about this mother, but she must have believed Ahijah’s words were from God and would come true.


Our children need to be taught that God’s Word is God’s Word.  Nothing we can do can change that fact.  When it says obey your parents, it means obey your parents. When it says do not lie, it means do not lie.  What He says He means.

But listen to me parents.  We model that when we tell them something.   We can’t waffle on our words either. We are to be a model for them to follow.  If we are always NOT following through, they will begin to think that no one will, even God. We model God’s Word with our actions.

What has the Lord told you lately?  Have you heard Him in your prayer life?  Have your heard Him speak through His Word.  Then you had better “take it to the bank.”  His Word will come through.  Trust His Word.  Trust Him!

O Lord my God, help me hear when you speak. Help me to listen to Your directions and commands.  And help me lead others to trust You too.


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