1 Kings 10:1 “Now when the queen of Sheba heard about the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, she came to test him with difficult questions.”


 Don’t you want to know what the queen of Sheba asked Solomon?  I do. It is not told to us.  It just says the questions were difficult.  Could it have been math questions?  That would have been hard.  Lol.  Or could it have been questions about Jehovah?  We just don’t know.

Have you ever been asked difficult questions?  I have.  I have been through a couple of depositions for court cases.  Often the attorneys will ask difficult questions or will word the question in such a way that you are almost forced to answer in a way you don’t want to.  What do you do?  You simply tell the truth.


 But the best way to answer difficult questions is to rely on the knowledge of the Lord, the Truth.  Jesus told us He would give us the words to say.  The Word also says that the Spirit would groan for us when we don’t have words to say.  Your children need to know that the Lord will speak for them and through them if they will just rely on Him.

Now this doesn’t mean He will give them the answers to test questions for which they haven’t studied.  But I do believe He will help them recall answers they have studied.  Your children are going to be asked difficult questions. Perhaps a lost friend at school will question their faith.  Teach them to trust in Jesus to answer through them to help lead their friend to Christ.

What answers are you searching for right now?  What questions are you trying to ask of the Lord?  What questions are you trying to answer for someone else?  Go to God.  He is the ultimate source.  He was Solomon’s source.

O God, I know You have the answer to every question that has ever or will ever be asked.  Show me the right answer.  Help me rely on You and teach others to do the same.


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