Joshua 22:34 “The sons of Reuben and the sons of Gad called the altar Witness; ‘For,’ they said, ‘it is a witness between us that the Lord is God.’”


 Isn’t it amazing how fast we can jump to conclusions?  For some people that is the only exercise they get.  In this chapter, the tribes of Reuben, Gad and half tribe of Manasseh have crossed the Jordan back to the land which was given to them.  They build an altar, not for use of sacrifices, but for a symbol to future generations that they are part of the Israelites.

But the other tribes hear about it and think they are setting up their own altar.  So, they take off to confront and wage war, if necessary.  The altar was called “Witness,” which in Hebrew is “ed.”  An altar called Ed.  Pardon me, but I just think that is funny.


 I promise you that your children are going to be the cause of or the victim of misunderstandings.  There is just no way to avoid it.  People see and hear what they want to.  Teaching our children to deal with these is an important skill to master.  How should they react when they are falsely accused?

Peace and calm must reign.  They should ask themselves if they have indeed wronged someone.  If they are living to please the Lord, most of the time that is easily avoided.  But sometimes, no matter what they do, people will get upset.  Continue to love and obey the Lord.  Let Him fight the battles for you.  That’s the lesson they need to learn.

Are you dealing with false accusations?  I’ve dealt with that in the past.  Sometimes, though, I have actually wronged someone and didn’t know it until I was confronted.  I am thankful for accountability.

O Lord, thank You for showing me when I sin against others.  Protect me when I am doing good and am accused by those who would do me harm.  And thank You for letting me be an example to others.



  1. Wanda McAllister says:

    Thank you Carl! Such a needed Word! Recently, Bryan and I have been talking about this. Remind me to tell you about a conclusion I jumped to about a year ago ..thankfully it was all in my mind and God immediately, graphically showed me the truth about the person … but more importantly about myself!! Oh wow! …we speculate and jump to wrong conclusions all the time .. this teaching is sooo needed! Love you, brother!


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