Judges 2:10 “All that generation also were gathered to their fathers; and there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord, nor yet the work which He had done for Israel.”


 Isn’t it sad?  One generation!  After all the struggles of the Israelites in Egypt and then the wilderness, one generation after entering the Promised Land, they forget God.  The verse actually says, “did not know the Lord.”

This is why I am always harping on the fact that we, as parents, have to be so diligent to teach our children and lead them to the saving knowledge of Christ.  If we don’t, it takes just one generation for the church to die.  Our calling as parents also involves advancing the kingdom of Christ here on earth.


 Share this verse with your children today.  Explain to them that they have the same mandate from God as you.  They must teach their children about the Lord.  They must make sure their children don’t just know about God, but that they know God.  Knowledge without personal experience does not cut it.  They must truly know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

Your little Gertrude and Elrod, once they believe in the Lord and are saved, become missionaries to the next generation.  They have the responsibility to share the gospel with their family and friends.  Nothing is more exciting than to see your own children follow the Lord.  A parent can rest in the joy of kingdom growth through their own children.  Rejoice!

Have you done that?  Does your life draw your children to Christ or repel them?  Everything we do as parents must model Jesus so our children will want to model, not us, but Christ is us.  Be His reflection and image today.

You are the generation builder, O Lord.  I know if I rely on You for my strength, You will give me the ability to reach my children and grandchildren for Christ.  Thank You, Lord.



  1. Wanda McAllister says:

    Oh my! So needed .. Your Blog is soo good .. I’m trying to figure out how to send it to our Grandchikdren for their children (our Greats).. wait.. I can forward the email, right!


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