Joshua 21:45 “Not one of the good promises which the Lord had made to the house of Israel failed; all came to pass.”


 I have written several times about the promises of God and Him being a promise keeper.  So, there is no need to do that again.  But look at the adjective which describes the promises.  It says, “good promises.”  I assume that is in contrast to a bad promise, but who wants that, right?

This word “good” is the Hebrew word “towb,” pronounced “tobe.”  But what is “good.”  Well, this is the same word used to describe creation.  God made the light and said it is good.  He made the trees and said it is good.  You get the picture.  Everything and anything God makes is good.  That includes His promises.


We have to remind our children of that, don’t we?  Our teaching about God must include that He is all good, no matter what He allows to come our way.  His work in our lives is good.

Let me encourage you to do a word study on this word “tobe.”  It has so many more meanings that your child needs to know.  It can mean precious, beautiful, better and best.  All these words describe our God, too.  He is all those things.  AND since He made you and your children, they describe you, too.

Do you see yourself as “tobe” in God’s eyes?  If you don’t, you are calling God a liar.  Why?  Because everything that God creates is good, including you.  Live like it.

Creator of all good, remind me daily of Your goodness.  Whisper in my ear that I am good.  Remind me that I am commanded to do good and be good because of Your goodness, not mine.


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