Joshua 15:63 “Now as for the Jebusites, the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the sons of Judah could not drive them out; so the Jebusites live with the sons of Judah at Jerusalem until this day.”


 What did God tell them to do?  Destroy the people. Don’t leave one alive?  Why?  He didn’t want them to get pulled into idolatry and heathen living.  If the inhabitants of Canaan were to be left to live among them, there would be confusion and moral failures.

But here we see that the Jebusites lived among them.  Stupid!  And what happened later?  Intermarriage, rebellion, strife.  The same is true for us.  When we allow our past “pagans” to live among us, our walk with Christ is hampered.  We can’t focus on righteous living as long as we allow our past to influence us.


Does your child have that special item which it seems will never leave their side?  Do they have habits that belong to their life before Christ?  We need to show them the blessings that await to a totally surrendered life.  They need to see how those unhealthy paths lead to destruction.

What do I mean?  I am referring to anything in their lives that does not point them to Jesus.  Idolatry can be seen in a lot of seemingly innocent things.  Our children need to be reminded of that covenant they cut with God at salvation.  This covenant demands total surrender.

What are you dragging along in your walk with Christ?  Whatever it is, lay it down.  Let the love of Christ fill you to overflowing so there is no room for any “wrong” thing.

Lord, I know You are holy and demand whole-hearted devotion.  Thank You for the reminder that I, too, am holy in Your eyes.  Help me to live that way each day.


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