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HOSEA 14:4

I will heal their apostasy, I will love them freely, because My anger has turned away from them.”

I have been through some challenging physical ailments in the past years. I have gone through two stem cell transplants (2010 and 2020), melanoma surgery on my chest and a brain fistula surgery. To say the least, I have called on Jehovah Rapha a few times. He has come through time and time again.

But Jehovah Rapha heals more than the physical. Here in today’s verse Jehovah is healing them from their apostasy. Do you know what that is? The Hebrew word can mean backsliding or turning back. God’s love will draw them back into a relationship. This is spiritual and relational healing. Isn’t that great?


What kind of healing do you need? Physical healing? Spiritual? Relational? We are all in need of some kind of healing. What are you waiting for? Jehovah Rapha is still healing people. But we have to understand something about His healing. He heals according to His timetable and according to His will. Sometimes the healing happens later, even in eternity. But He will respond.

Now, I’ve known plenty of people who prayed for physical healing and did not receive it this side of eternity. They were healed in glory. That’s hard for some of us to accept. But it’s the truth. If we yield to Jehovah Rapha, He will always heal us spiritually. That’s not easy for us either. We must die to our own desires and accept the healing.

I want that healing. I want Jehovah Rapha to heal me from my apostasy. I don’t want to back slide or turn away. I want to be following Him always. Don’t you? That’s possible when we surrender. Healing is needed. Healing is wanted. Jehovah Rapha offers it.

Father God, I thank You for healing my heart. I praise You for the gift of healing.


One thought on “JEHOVAH RAPHA

  1. Wanda McAllister says:

    So thankful for our Jehovah Rapha, the LORD who heals us physically and spiritually. Such a great word for us today, Carl. Thank you… we love you brother.

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