HOSEA 14:3

I don’t know about you, but compassion is a big deal to me. I have worked almost 42 years with children and teenagers. They need to be shown compassion. They need to know someone loves them. I have found that when kids know you truly care about them, they respond. When I was dealing with difficult children, compassion went a long way.

Our verse today ends with a phrase that really hit me hard. It says, “for in You the orphan finds mercy.” The word for “mercy” is not the normal Hebrew word chesed. It’s racham which means to love or have compassion. It’s similar in meaning to chesed, but it’s different. To me, it almost seems more tender. It actually refers to a motherly type of love and is similar to another Hebrew word which means womb. I just love that.


How tender are you with your loved ones? How about your children? Moms, remember when you first laid eyes on your children. Dads, do you remember the first time you held your child? Maybe you aren’t a parent. Have you ever held a tiny, little baby? That’s the feeling I’m referring to with this word. It’s deep compassion.

I recently held a newborn. One of our young couples just had their third child. I was in the hallway of the church when they came in. The father handed me his son to hold. The feeling I had when I held my own children came back. I made a fool of myself cooing and using my best baby talk. That’s how God loves us.

We were reborn into His family. I can just picture the Lord holding us and loving on us. He wants us to feel His compassion and tenderness. He shows it to the orphans, but He shows it to us as well. Tender, sweet, compassionate love! That’s it. Have you felt that lately from your Heavenly Father? If you haven’t, come to Him.

I long for Your tenderness and compassion, Lord. Hold me and love me as only You can.


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