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LUKE 12:41

“Peter said, ‘Lord, are You addressing this parable to us, or to everyone else as well?’”

How many times have you answered a question with a question? Working with kids as long as I have, I have done it hundreds of times. I do it to get them thinking. I want them to figure it out for themselves. I could easily give them the answer, but they would forget it soon enough.

Peter wants to know if the parable Jesus is telling applies to them as well. You tell me. Read verses 42-48 and tell me what Jesus’ answer was to Peter. Remember, Jesus never wasted a teaching moment. He was always preparing His disciples for the days that were coming.


Let me encourage you to do the same. Don’t let those teachable moments slip by, no matter how miniscule you may think they are. Our children can always learn new truths. We just have to take the time to teach them.

What can they learn from this story? List five things. I am not going to tell you my five. I want you to discover your five lessons you can teach your children. Chances are my five and your five won’t be the same. That’s okay. God speaks to us differently.

Do you read God’s Word looking for life lessons? Or do you read it out of habit to just get through it? Let the Word transform you daily. Let the truths of each passage speak to your heart and give you a message to share. The Lord gave it to us to spread to others. Do your part today.

Thank You, Lord, for your powerful Word. Thank You it speaks as powerfully today as ever. Give me an audience today to share.


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