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1 PETER 2:2

“like newborn babies, long for the pure milk of the word, so that by it you may grow in respect to salvation,”

There’s nothing much better than a cold glass of milk with a plate of hot, right out of the oven chocolate chip cookies. But what if that first gulp of milk reveals a cold glass of sour milk? Not good and not enjoyable. Peter uses the word “pure” for a reason. Not just any old milk will do.

Also, you can’t put a T-bone steak in a baby’s bottle. They need milk first. That’s where their nourishment starts. In the same way, we have to begin with basic foundations in God’s Word. We can’t be concerned with the deep doctrinal studies until we are grounded in the basics.


Bring your children to the kitchen and pour them three glasses of milk – whole milk, buttermilk and sour milk. Use glasses that they can’t see through and don’t tell them which is which. Now, to make this fun, give them some cookies too.

I guarantee you they will choose the whole milk. Ask them why. They will probably say because it’s sweet or it tastes good. Now, read them today’s verse. Explain to them why Peter compares the Word to pure milk. It nourishes. It’s sweet. It makes us stronger.

Have you had your daily dose of pure milk? You won’t get stronger spiritually without it. And unlike your gallon of milk in the fridge, this milk never runs out or sours. God has an endless supply of His Word to nourish you. Drink up!

Lord, I look forward to drinking deeply each day from Your Word. Help me spread the joy with others.


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