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“Older men are to be temperate, dignified, sensible, sound in faith, in love, in perseverance.”

Today there is a lot of debate about what a man should be. Should he be more in touch with his feelings and show more emotion or should he be more macho and manly? Well, right here in today’s verse we have a perfect definition of a godly man. Paul gives us six ways to identify a real man.

He is first temperate (not under the influence of outside sources). He is to be dignified (has the respect of others). He is to be sensible (have control of his behavior). And then Paul says he should be sound (in good shape) in regards to faith, love and perseverance. Wow! Is this all possible? In Christ it is.


How do you make this verse applicable to your children? By teaching them all these principles. We want all our children to be protected from outside influences. Therefore, insulate them with God’s Word. We want them all to be well respected by others. That comes from showing respect and living lives that earn respect. And, of course, we want them all to be sensible, which really means to be self-controlled.

As parents, we are to help our children’s faith grow, to help them learn to love others as Christ does and to learn to persevere under hard times. All three of those will make them healthier Christians, which is what the word “sound” implies. We get our word “hygiene” from it. Healthy faith, healthy love and healthy perseverance. Hmmm, I could use some of that myself.

So, how do you measure up, dad? Are you a real man? But hold on, mom. These are applicable to you, too. Do you exemplify these traits? Our goal should always to be more and more like Christ. Our goal should be perfection. We will never achieve perfection, of course, but Jesus is our model of a real man. Strive to live like Him and point towards Him always.

O Lord, give me these traits today as I live my life for You. I want others to only see You as they look at me. May my every action and word draw them to You.


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