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“But as for you, speak the things which are fitting for sound doctrine.”

What does “that’s fitting” mean? You’ve probably heard someone say that. I have even said things like “that’s just fittin’ to eat.” Well, the Greek word is only used seven times and has the idea of proper or suitable. It’s the right thing at the right time. Now, that’s important to understand.

Paul is telling Titus, as we look at chapter two today, that he, unlike the folks he just finished talking about in chapter one, needs to teach correctly. But not only that. He needs to teach the right thing correctly at the right time. There is a time and place for every doctrine. Make sure you are teaching what the Lord is directing you when He says to and not just teach what you want to teach.


If your children are struggling with relationships, it does no good to teach them eschatology (the study of end times). It they are struggling with their salvation, now is not the time to dig into a lengthy discussion on ecclesiology (the study of the church). Teach appropriately. And no child wants to be lectured in doctrines. They want it fleshed out and applicable.

How do you do that? Through life lessons. Did you know you can teach ecclesiology by talking about your own church? You can talk about Pastor Smith and Deacon Jones and other church leaders and how they lead the body. You can talk about the passage where Jesus told Peter He will build the church on the rock (Himself). Doctrines are so important to teach our kids. Why? Because they are the bedrock of our faith and are based fully and completely on His Word.

If you struggle understanding the key doctrines of Christianity, find a good resource you can trust. There are plenty out there. I am not going to suggest any here so as to not offend any of my other denominational friends. I am Southern Baptist, so I will teach accordingly. Whatever your church affiliation, make sure your doctrines align with His Word and then teach them diligently.

Above all, Lord, help me teach Your Word truthfully and completely. Give me insight into Your deep truths so I can relate those to others. Hep me lay the foundation of faith for others to build upon.


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