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2 TIMOTHY 2:8 

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my gospel, 

Why do we memorize things? To bring them back up in our minds when we need them quickly. We memorize our address, social security number, telephone numbers and all sorts of other things. Sometimes things can cause us to have trouble memorizing. And still others claim they can’t memorize at all. 

But Paul is reminding Timothy to recall those things he had been taught about the Gospel. That word “remember” means to recall from memory without any implication it has been forgotten. In other words, Timothy knew it. He just needed to recall it.  


One of the best things we can do for our children is to help them memorize Scripture. It’s not easy sometimes, but it is so important. But in order for them to see just how important it is, you need to memorize the verses right along with them. I know so many parents who will work with their children to memorize a passage, but won’t take the time to do it themselves. 

In fact, challenge your son or daughter to a memory contest. See who can memorize the most verses in one week. Winner gets a treat of their choice. Make it fun. Make the verses relevant to what they are living right now. But memorize so they can recall these words of God when the need is there. 

Do you claim you can’t memorize verses? I bet you can recall the words to a song from twenty years ago. We memorize what we want to memorize. What better thing to plant deep in your heart and mind that the living, breathing Word of God. 

Father, help me hide Your Word in my heart. I want to be ready in season and out to share the Gospel with anyone. Let Your words grow deep and strong in my soul. 


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