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2 TIMOTHY 2:7 

Consider what I say, for the Lord will give you understanding in everything. 

Have you ever said, “But I really want to understand what you are saying”? Someone is trying to explain something to you, but you are just not getting it. It’s happened to me and can be very frustrating.  

It can even happen when we are trying to understand God, can’t it? But look at today’s verse. Paul is telling us how to understand. The Lord will give you the understanding. That word “understanding” means to put it all together, to connect all the dots. Only God can give you that ability. God really does want you to understand Him and what He is asking of you.  


We have the responsibility as parents to make sure our children understand what we ask of them. Nothing is more frustrating for a child than to have expectations put on them without understanding why. Clear and concise instructions and rules are so important. And the fewer the rules the better. Don’t hand your kid a list of rules to follow in the house that looks like a shopping list at Christmas. 

Help them understand the reason BEHIND the rules more so than the rules. Why does God want them to obey you? Because His Word says so. Why does God want them to learn to obey rules? Because it pleases Him when we are obedient to those He has placed over us. That gives understanding. 

Are you constantly bucking the rules? Do you argue with your bosses about every little policy in the HR manual? Paul told us to “consider what I say.” That’s a command, not a suggestion. He was just talking about following the rules in the previous verses. If you want true understanding from the Lord, that’s where it starts – follow the rules. 

Lord, I admit I tend to want my way too much. I confess that as sin and ask that You lead me to Your understanding. I want to see things as You see them. 


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