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1 TIMOTHY 5:20

Those who continue in sin, rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest also will be fearful of sinning.” 

As believers, we have the responsibility to confront our brothers and sisters who continue in sin. Just look at the verse. Not only are we to rebuke them, but we are to do it in the “presence of all.” That word for “presence” literally means “in the eye of God.” Isn’t everything? 

Do we do this to embarrass them? No! It’s so their rebuke will deter others from doing the same, continuing in sin. Now, we all sin. We will until we see Jesus. We can’t avoid sin. But…we should never continue in it. A simple rebuke from a brother could alter the decision to sin. We so confront them in front of all. It’s out of love. 


How in the world do you teach this to your children? Very carefully. It’s not our job to correct everyone. It is our responsibility to hold other believers accountable. We model this to our kids by helping our fellow believers make things right. When your little Johnny or Susie see one of their friends doing something they shouldn’t, teach them to go to them and point them toward Jesus.

Now, they don’t do that arrogantly. They do that just as you would do it. Loving them to correction. Loving them to repentance. Loving them to confession. There may come a time when they will have to confront someone in “front of all.” Make sure they are ready.

Are you willing to love your brothers and sisters that much? Will you risk hurting their feelings to draw them to Christ? We are commanded to do it not only for them but for others. Help others be more like Him but being less of themselves.

Father, I don’t understand how to do this without You. I will trust You to give me the words to confront lovingly. And I will do it for all.                                


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