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1 TIMOTHY 5:19

Do not receive an accusation against an elder except on the basis of two or three witnesses.” 

We have probably all been accused of something we haven’t done. It’s not a fun thing to go through. You know you didn’t do it. You are positive they are wrong. But the longer the accusations go on, the less sure you are about your own innocence. Constant accusations can bring you down. That’s exactly what Satan wants. That’s exactly what Satan does.

It’s interesting that the Greek word here for “accusation” is also used in John 18:29 where Pilate asks the Jewish leaders what accusation they are bringing against Jesus. Even He was falsely accused. But unlike us, Jesus WAS completely innocent. He was sinless, yet He was accused. Living righteously does not protect you from being accused. 


Probably one the best things you can teach your child is to be confident in who they are. Teach them to be forthright about their actions, to not hide their behaviors. That way if they are ever accused of something they haven’t done, they will be confident in themselves. They need to know, though, that following Jesus may just bring false accusations.

The world doesn’t like us shining the light of the Lord on their activities. When we stand for truth and God’s Word, the world will do all it can to shut us down. They will lie and make up things about us to try to shame us. Teach your kids now to stand up for the Lord, no matter what. Teach them to trust Him to defend and protect them against the enemy.

Are you trusting the Lord in your battles? Maybe you don’t have any battles because you have compromised your principles to fit in at work or community. If that is the case, repent. Stand up! Make your love for Christ known. Then you will know true freedom.

Father, I praise You for allowing me to suffer false accusations. I know the world cannot bring me down. They do not have the power to unseat You on the throne of my life.


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