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1 TIMOTHY 2:12

“But I do not allow a woman to teach or exercise authority over a man, but to remain quiet.”

These last three verses are used by some to show that Christian men want to keep women “in their place.” They read these verses, especially today’s verse, and rebel. “How dare we tell women they can’t teach or have authority? How dare we treat women less than women?” But they just don’t understand the full context.

If God’s intention was to keep women in their place, why did He use women so prominently through Scripture (Mary, Deborah, Hannah, Abigail, etc.). God is not saying to keep women down. He has established roles to PROTECT women. Men should be defending their wives. Men should take the responsibility for their roles in the family and in society instead of acquiescing that to women. 


I am NOT saying we should teach our little girls to sit around in little dresses with lace gloves and sip tea all day. We should encourage our daughters to go after their passions. But they should also recognize that God has set up certain roles for men and women to protect them, not hold them back.

And we should teach our little boys to honor and respect women. They should see their mothers and sisters as worthy of protecting. They should see all women as God does – the perfect completion of His creation. That’s not chauvinist. It’s chivalrous. 

Now, I am sure there will be many who will disagree with this devotional. But hear my heart. God set these roles so men can value women, not devalue them. God set these roles to protect women, not tear them down. God set these roles so men will step up and lead instead of laying back and “letting the women folk take care of the religious stuff.” Trust God’s design. It is perfect, and it works.

Dear Lord, I thank You for setting up Your perfect design for men and women. Help me live it as You intended and not let the world influence it. Show me how to value all the women in my life.


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