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1 TIMOTHY 2:11

“A woman must quietly receive instruction with entire submissiveness.” 

I bet the title today caught your attention. Before you get up in arms and write me a seething letter, let me explain. The word “quietly” here does NOT mean speechless. That’s a totally different Greek word. This word means a “God-produced calm which includes an inner tranquility that supports appropriate action.” 

And why should she stay calm? So she can be discipled. That’s what “receive instruction” means. In fact, that word is the word from which we get “disciple.” She can only be discipled if she is willing to be submissive to the one who is discipling her. You cannot teach or disciple anyone who is not willing to be discipled. 


I truly believe this verse applies to all of us, not just women. Our children cannot be discipled unless they are willing to submit to their parents. Fathers cannot be discipled unless they submit to the one who wants to invest in their lives. You see, it’s not just about women.

So, Mom and Dad, model submissiveness. This teaches your children to do the same. Show that calm spirit that you want them to have. Allow others to disciple you. There is no higher calling than to disciple your children to follow Christ. But you have to model this yourself first.

Do you demand your rights? Do you refuse to follow anyone’s direction? By doing that you are showing an example to others of the exact opposite Christ desires in you. What do you think Christ wants you to do – be rebellious and stubborn or submissive and teachable? Do what you know He desires.

O Lord God, teach me to be calm in spirit and learn from others. Help me come up under their leadership and portray to others a teachable manner. I want to please You.


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