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“and to give relief to you who are afflicted and to us as well when the Lord Jesus will be revealed from heaven with His mighty angels in flaming fire,” 

Have you ever been so stressed that you felt you were tied up in ropes? Every breath is labored. Your chest is tight. Your teeth are clinched. It is as if every fiber in your body is constricting. Well, take comfort my brother. Listen, my sister. Today’s verse should encourage you. The God of the universe is well aware of your struggle and has the answer.

He gives you relief. He promises to untie that which binds us. He frees us from our confinement. There is only one requirement. We have to trust Him. Look at the verse. Jesus is coming back with angels in flaming fire. Whoa! And we are on their side. All those who are afflicting us will be destroyed. We will be avenged by the Lord Himself.


The next time you have to come to your child’s rescue you could share this verse with them. Now, you won’t be coming in a flaming fire, but you will swoop in to help them. Explain to them that just as you are willing to go to any length to keep them safe and rescue them, God will send His Son back one to defeat all our enemies. He is watching over us right now.

Children have lots of questions, and they may ask why He is waiting. Don’t make up an answer to just satisfy their question. Talk about how God is sovereign and perfect. He is waiting for just the right time to allow as many as will to come to Him for salvation. He doesn’t want to lose one of His children.

Are you looking for His return? I am! I can’t wait! But at the same time, there are many people in my life for whom I am praying for their salvation. If He returns today, they would spend eternity in hell. I definitely don’t want that. Would you join me in praying for all your lost friends and family? 

It is a relief to know that You will send Jesus with His angels to rescue us. But Father, I desire, as You do, to see all the lost saved. Give me the boldness to share with those who need You today.


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