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“For after all it is only just for God to repay with affliction those who afflict you,”

Super heroes are popular today in the movies. Who doesn’t like seeing the bad guy defeated by the good guy? There is even a movie called “The Avengers.” Several super heroes come together to save the world. They all have their special skills, but they also have their own egos and challenges. They end up working together but not before great loss.

But look at today’s verse. God is our ultimate avenger. He repays “with affliction those who afflict you.” God doesn’t need help. He can handle it. He doesn’t have an ego that needs to be stroked. He doesn’t have any limitations. The only problem God has is us getting out of the way. We want to avenge ourselves. 


Children naturally want to “get back” at someone who has hurt them. I have worked with children for forty years now. Girls are notorious for plotting their revenge. They may wait weeks, months or even years for just the right opportunity to strike back. I have seen girls in a cottage wait until the day a girl was leaving to get back at her for something she had done months ago. 

So, we must teach our children to allow the Lord to handle that “payback.” He knows exactly how to do it, while at the same time giving that person the opportunity to turn to Him. After all, that is His ultimate desire. He wants even our enemies to come to Him. 

Is there someone right now in your life whom you are plotting to get back at? Let it go! Turn it over to the Lord. Let Him handle it. He may tell you to just forgive them. In fact, the issue you are having with this person could be all on you. You might be the problem. Seek the Lord on the matter. Let Him reveal to you what He wants you to do.

Lord, I can always trust You to handle the situation perfectly. Teach me, again, to get out of the way. Allow me to place it into Your capable hands.


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