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“For those who sleep do their sleeping at night, and those who get drunk get drunk at night.” 

My daddy used to say, “There is not a thing you can do after 11 p.m. that you can’t do before 11 p.m.” In other words, you don’t need to be out past 11 p.m. Those late hours just lead to trouble. And it’s true. People seem to stop thinking straight late at night.

And most people do their sleeping at night. I feel sorry for people who have to try to sleep during the day. That must be hard to adjust to. What is Paul saying here? When you are sleeping or drunk, you are not focused on Christ. Your mind shuts off or your mind is altered. He is telling us to remain alert.


When you put your little Johnny or Susie to bed tonight teach them to have the Lord as their last thought before they drift off into sleep. Plant good thoughts in their heads. Read them something from God’s Word. If you read this verse, you may want to just read the first half to avoid a long discussion at bedtime about getting drunk, lol.

I know a lot of parents who play scripture songs very low at night for their children to sleep by. I like that. Even during the middle of the night, they can wake up to His Word. We just need to keep our children centered on righteous living. We need to teach them to focus on God and His Word at all times. It will direct them on the righteous path.

To whom are you listening? Are you “sleeping” too much? Are you staying “drunk”? Now, I don’t mean to imply you are always in your bed or drinking. But many of us act as if that is what we are doing due to our apathetic view of God. We don’t have any use for Him until we need Him. Remain alert today. Look heavenward today. He may just surprise you.

Keep me alert and ready to respond, Lord. I want to be used by You, and that means I must be ready at all times. Help me to make sure each of my actions are pleasing to You.


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