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“just as you know how we were exhorting and encouraging and imploring each one of you as a father would his own children, “

What is the role of a father? Paul lists three duties right here. These three things apply to every dad who is raising their children to honor and follow the Lord. Unfortunately, a lot of dads today have no clue about fatherhood. They are winging it the best they can, and most of them are failing miserably. 

If they would all do these three things, children would be much better prepared for life. If every dad would come alongside (exhort), speak softly close by (encourage) and teach to witness (implore), they would be fulfilling God’s commands to fathers. And EVERY believing father can do this through the power of the Holy Spirit.


Dads, take your children in your lap and talk to them quietly. Teach them God’s Word so they will have it in their hearts and minds. Make it a point to be home when your children are awake so you can spend time with them. Even in the midst of correction and discipline, watch the tone and volume of your speech.

But the most important thing you can do, dads, is to pray with your children. Praying with them accomplishes all three of these. By praying, you come alongside, speak softly and teach. Who would have thought one action could accomplish three? So, do that. Make time to pray.

How are you doing with this, men? Which of these three are you failing at? Go to the Lord and ask Him to help you. He wants you to be the best and godliest father, husband or grandfather possible. But you can’t without Him. 

Your commands, O Lord, are given for a reason. I know that. Help me today to yield to Your leading in these areas. I want my children to hear and see You.


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