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“You are witnesses, and so is God, how devoutly and uprightly and blamelessly we behaved toward you believers;”

That is good behavior! Devoutly? Uprightly? Blamelessly? Who can live that way? No one, unless Jesus is living through them. The word “behaved” could really be translated as “were.” It’s the Greek word ginomaiwhich means becoming or being. To me, that refers to who you really are.

The better we know someone, the more REAL we can be with them. Isn’t that true? Paul is telling the Thessalonians, “You knew us. You can testify how we were with you. You saw how we lived and behaved.” Can you say that? Who can testify to your behavior as devout, righteous and blameless?


How many times have you told your children to behave? I know I lost count when our children were little, lol.  If we spent less time correcting their behavior and more time teaching and modeling behavior, it would be so much better for them and us. But we tend to parent like we were parented. Except for the grace of God in our lives to point us in a new direction we will continue to do that.

I am not saying your parents were bad parents. No! What I am saying is God has a better way. When we live devoutly, righteously and blamelessly, our children have a Christ-like model to follow. They learn how to behave by watching us behave. Whoa! That’s scary, huh? 

The next time you are in traffic and that driver cuts you off, how are you going to behave? The next time the cashier shorts you or gives you too much change, how will you respond? The next time you go out to eat as a family and the service is not so good, how will you act? It’s our behavior in these life experiences that teach our children how to behave.

O God, I know I am far from devout, righteous or blameless in myself. I am thankful it is not up to me. I live my life only because of Your Son, Jesus.


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