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“and to wait for His Son from heaven, whom He raised from the dead, that is Jesus, who rescues us from the wrath to come.”

Most of the time when someone is waiting for a rescuer they are still in the midst of trouble. For example, if you are surrounded by flood waters, you are probably waiting for a boat to come. If you are in the midst of a burning building, you are looking for that fireman to appear to get you out. But with Jesus, our Rescuer, He has already rescued us. If we know Him personally as our Lord and Savior, our rescue has already occurred. He is coming back, but we have ALREADY been rescued.

I pray you know that peace. I pray you know Him as your rescuer. If you don’t, turn to Him today. Acknowledge your helplessness to rescue yourself and ask Him to rescue you. He is ready. He is able. No matter what you have gone through, He is able to rescue you.


Children love a good hero story. Most of their super-heroes have a reputation as rescuers. They come in at the last second and sweep helpless victims to safety. So, the idea of Jesus being our rescuer should resonate. Ask them what super powers they think Jesus has. Now, their answers may get comical, but hear them out. Then you can correct them.

You see, your children need to know that Jesus doesn’t need super powers because He IS super power. He possesses all the power of the universe in one little finger. He speaks and things are done. He is not just fast like Flash or Superman. He is everywhere at once. Wow! That is the one who is their rescuer. 

Do you know Him? Have you experienced His super powers in your life? Do you know the peace that comes from resting in His arms? Oh, listen to me. Let Him take you in His arms to a safe place. Let Him console you. Let Him love you.

Rescuer of my soul, I thank You for delivering me from the wrath to come. I  have no fear of what lies ahead because I know WHO is before me.


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