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“For they themselves report about us what kind of a reception we had with you, and how you turned to God from idols to serve a living and true God,” 

Do you ever get turned around on a trip? I remember years ago a co-worker and I were driving back from North Carolina to Florida. We stopped for lunch and got back on the highway headed home (we thought). After about an hour we both saw some construction on the highway that we both thought we had seen before, but it had been on the OTHER side of the highway.  Sure enough, we had made a wrong turn and had traveled over an hour in the WRONG direction.

The Thessalonians had made the RIGHT turn. They had turned from the false gods, from idols, and had turned to serve “a living and true God.” They were finally traveling in the right direction. They were done wasting their time and energy worshipping idols that were lifeless. 


The next time you go on a road trip with your children, get them to help you plan the trip. I don’t mean punching in the coordinates on the GPS. I mean get a road map and plot your course. Find your current location and your destination. Then help them determine your route. 

Make sure they know that the length of your trip depends on the route they pick. Some routes are better than others, and some are just wrong. For instance, they don’t want to head south if they need to drive north. Now, explain the same is true in their relationship with Christ. We must travel WITH Him. We have to let Him direct our course.

I pray you are on the right road. I pray you are serving “a living and true God.” I pray you have dropped all your idols in the trash pile and determined to follow Jesus. Only He can take you home.

Master and Lord, I trust You to get me to Your home. I ask you to forgive my stubbornness in trying to get there on my own. I will submit to Your leadership and guidance today.


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