Best Verse: Psalm 84:10a “For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand outside.”


Don’t you just love this verse?  Can you imagine standing in the court of God?  Many people fear that.  Not me. Why?  Because I am welcomed.  I am an heir to His kingdom.  He extends His scepter towards me in gesture of acceptance.  I had rather spend seconds with Him than eons without Him.

Being in God’s court means You can see Him rule and reign.  Being in God’s court means You can observe His mercy and grace.  Being in God’s court means You can see the multitudes who are bowing before Him.  Nothing will compare with being in His court.


Take your child to court.  Now, I don’t mean to get him straightened out.  Let them observe a court room.  Most kids have never seen that, so this verse doesn’t make sense to them.  If possible, let them meet a judge.  Explain to them what the judge does.  He dispenses justice.  That’s his job. 

Let them walk up to the judge’s bench.  Sitting up there you can see the whole courtroom.  Nothing is hidden from your view.  That’s how it is with God.  He rules from above and can see all eternity.  His rule is just and fair.  He rules equally.  

Where are you in the courtroom?  Are you trembling before our holy judge?  I hope not. I pray you are there just in awe of His presence.  I pray you walk in without trepidation or fear, knowing that Jesus is your defense. The accuser may come, but his arguments against you fall short.  If that isn’t you, make it so today.

Judge of all, I stand before You innocent because of Jesus.  My case has been dismissed.  I praise You for the mercy and grace You extended me.


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