Best Verse: Psalm 83:1 “O God, do not remain quiet; do not be silent and, O God, do not be still.”


How many times have you begged God to speak to you?  Come on, be honest.  I am sure you have had those times in your life when God was quiet, when He was silent. I’ve had those times.  It was like He had turned off His ears and stopped listening to me.  

He hasn’t.  God is at work even when we think He isn’t.  He is always listening.  He is always at work.  We just don’t have our ears tuned to hear Him or our eyes focused to see Him at work. We are so busy screaming at God that we miss Him by a mile.


We are all pretty good at teaching our children to pray.  We make the time to get with them at bedtime and pray with them or for them.  But do you teach them to listen?  Listening is a skill that will enable them to hear when God is speaking.  It will also allow them to determine when He is quiet.  If God is quiet, it is for a reason.

I am sure your children understand quietness. They may not be very quiet, but they have probably experienced it.  The next time you are praying with them, take a few minutes and be quiet.  Tell them to not say a word.  Tell them to just listen to all the things around them.  Getting still will allow them to hear – sometimes the unexpected.

When is the last time you were quiet? Sometimes I just sit and listen for God. I bow my head, turn my palms upward and focus on listening.  I want to hear Him when He speaks.  I have to turn off “me” to hear Him.  How about you?

Speak Lord, speak. Let me hear Your voice.  Let me hear Your commands.  I want to follow only You.


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