Best Verse: Psalm 70:1 “O God, hasten to deliver me; O Lord, hasten to my help!”


How many times have you prayed that?  You find yourself in a world of hurt, either due to your own bad decisions or no fault of your own.  So, what do you do?  You start praying for help.  But you have your own idea of the correct time table.

David is begging for the same thing.  Do you remember how long it took God to deliver him from Saul?  Saul chased him around the country trying to kill him for years.  We don’t know the exact amount of time, but it was for a while. Don’t you know David got tired of that? After all, God had already told him he was going to be king.


Most children don’t have a lot of patience.  “Are we there yet?”  “When will we be going to Disney World?”  Question after question.  They can’t wait to get somewhere, or they can’t wait to get that special present.  It seems it’s always hurry, hurry, hurry.

One thing we need to help them learn at an early age is patience.  And we won’t do that if we are always giving in to their incessant questions.  There is nothing wrong with questions.  But some things just take time.  God does everything in His perfect time.  He will do it when it is the perfect time and not before.  That’s a lesson we should all learn.

Are you anxious about something today?  Are you asking God to hurry up and do something? I’ve been guilty of that.  I’ve begged God to just do something.  Allow God to work.  He has His perfect reason for waiting for the perfect time to do the perfect thing. Perfection is not rushed.

O Lord, forgive my impatience.  I will wait on You.  I know You know what and when is best for me.


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