Best Verse: Psalm 69:21 “They also gave me gall for my food and for my thirst they gave me vinegar to drink.”


Many people drink vinegar for their health. Even I have fallen into the habit a time or two.  But man…that stuff is nasty.  I know what they say.  Vinegar can cleanse your system.  It can help regulate your body’s Ph.  It can…do miracles.  But getting it past the nostrils is a challenge.

You may read this verse and think of Matthew 27:34 where Jesus is being crucified and was offered vinegar to drink.  Many commentators point back to this verse as a Messianic prophecy.  Whether it is or not, the picture is clear.  Those who offered the vinegar were NOT trying to quench Jesus’ thirst. As the saying goes, “With friends like that…”


At your next family dinner why don’t you pour everyone a little sip of vinegar in a cup?  Read this verse and talk about the prophecy.  Then ask all those who are brave enough to drink the vinegar.  It’s not going to hurt them.  Promise them that.  See who can drink it and keep it down (you might want to have a spit pail handy, lol).

Vinegar is bitter and can burn your throat and mouth. People can be bitter and cause you to want to spew that bitterness right back at them.  This is the lesson for today.  But like Jesus, we should NOT receive that bitterness (He didn’t drink it when offered).  Just like Jesus, we should not return bitterness with bitterness.  What did He do?  He died for them.  He gave His life for those who offered Him that vinegar.  We should be willing to do the same.

Is there someone in your life who is causing you to be bitter?  Now, hang on. NO ONE can make you bitter.  That is your choice.  Don’t fall into that trap. Don’t receive that bitterness from them. Don’t return it.  Pray for the sweetness of Jesus to come out of your mouth. Bless those who curse you.

O Lord, it is hard to return sweet words to those who spew bitter ones.  But Lord, I know if I die to myself and allow Your Holy Spirit to control my tongue, I can do that.  Thank You!


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