Psalm 35:28 “And my tongue shall declare Your righteousness and Your praise all day long.”


I have the privilege each year to go to Uganda and Kenya to help train Pastors through AMG, International. (Google this awesome ministry.) These conferences are full days of training, often lasting 10 or 12 hours each day.  Teaching and talking that long can be tiresome for the tongue, and I enjoy talking.

But one day, just like David in this Psalm, we will declare His righteousness and praise all day.  Can you imagine being in heaven and being in continuous praise of our God?  But there it won’t be tiresome. We will never run out of praise.  In fact, we could stand there simply saying, “Holy, Holy, Holy!” That would be just fine.


 Is your child a talker?  Does your little Susie pass out at night with her lips moving? Some children seem to never stop talking.  Their little tongues would be a whole inch longer if they would just rest it once in a while.

Read them this verse.  Give their tongue a purpose.  Talk about our praise does not have to be verbal.  They can declare His righteousness and praise by the way they treat their siblings or the friends.  Our tongues are just one tool God can use, but don’t limit yourself.

What is on your tongue today?  Are you praising or complaining?  Are you declaring His righteousness or yours?  Take a minute and examine the words that have come out of your mouth today.  Do they honor God or you?

I give my tongue to You today, O God. I will put words of praise on my tongue to point others to You.  Thank You!


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