Psalm 31:5 “Into Your hand I commit my spirit; You have ransomed me, O Lord, God of truth.”


Do you recognize the first half of the verse?  Jesus said those words on the cross when He gave up His last breath. He voluntarily gave it up.  No one took it. In the same way, we have to voluntarily give up our lives to the Father.  He won’t just take it.

And why do we do that?  Look at the second part of the verse.  He has ransomed us.  Because Jesus gave up His life for us, He paid the ransom so we can give up our lives for Him.  How cool is that?  Are you committed to Him today?


 Do your children have commitment problems?  Some kids have a real problem sticking to something.  They start playing a sport and drop it when it gets hard.  They may begin a new hobby but get bored quickly. They may even drop friends.

Learning to be committed is something that we parents must teach them.  We need to hold them accountable to their commitments, especially when it affects others.  But the main commitment we need to teach them is being committed to the Lord.  And that is best modeled by us.  As they see us living up to our commitment, they will learn.

Are you living up to your commitment? Are you following Jesus each day? If you aren’t, that lack of commitment could cause someone else to turn away.  They may see you saying you are a believer but not living like it.  Don’t do that.  Live for Him today and draw others into His presence.

Lord, I am committed today to follow You.  I know I have said that a lot and fallen flat on my face.  But today, Lord, I recommit myself to You, knowing others are watching.


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