1 Samuel 11:12-13 “12 Then the people said to Samuel, ‘Who is he that said, “Shall Saul reign over us?” Bring the men, that we may put them to death.’ 13 But Saul said, ‘Not a man shall be put to death this day, for today the Lord has accomplished deliverance in Israel.’”


It is amazing how quick some people get all riled up. One minute they are fine and the next they are ready to fight.  Israel had just had a great victory and the people wanted to punish anyone who had spoken against their new king.  Fortunately, Saul was even tempered (at this point in his life) and refused to allow them to carry out their plans.

Have you ever lost your temper?  Maybe you overreacted to something.  “Not me, Carl.  I would never do that.”  Yeah, right! We have all “lost it” at least once. Our emotions can get the best of us. We get offended or we take up someone else’s offense.  And before we know it, we are in a fight with someone.  Take a breath, like Saul did here.


 Do I even need to say it?  This is a crucial teaching for your little Johnny or Susie.  When we learn to control our tempers at an early age, it helps us avoid a lot of chaos. It keeps us focused on Him and not us.

Try this little experiment.  Get a pot and put some water in it.  Then place it on the stove and bring it to a boil.  Let it keep boiling until it starts to boil over.  Your kids need to see this.  Depending on what kind of stove top you have, you may have quite the scene.  Our tempers are like that.  Boiling water (our emotions) are good when kept under control.  But when they are left to boil and boil, pretty soon we have a mess.

I pray you have control over your emotions. Don’t let them control you. God gifted us with all kinds of emotions which can be used for good or bad.  You have to choose how you want to use them.

O Lord, You gave me my passions.  You gave me my emotions.  Help me control them and use them for Your glory!


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