1 Samuel 10:22b “So the Lord said, ‘Behold, he is hiding himself by the baggage.’” 


Some people will go to great lengths to hide from God.  They know God is talking to them.  They know He is seeking them, but they just hide.  Or at least they attempt to.  I love this part of the story of the calling of Saul as the first king. There had never been a king of Israel. Saul wasn’t sure about this whole king thing, so he hid in the baggage.

But who found him?  God. God said, “He’s hiding in the Samsonite.”  Not really! Lol.  But Saul, this tall, good looking, young man, whom Samuel had anointed as king, was hiding from God.  He was afraid of what was asked of him.


This is a great lesson for kids.  Read them the whole chapter and talk about what they might have done if it was them. Maybe they would not have gone home. How would they have reacted when all the things came true that Samuel told Saul would happen on the way home? Ask them if they have ever hidden from someone?

Explain to them how important it is to obey God.  When He calls them to do something, it is best to yield to Him and just do it. God wants obedient children (just like you do), but He won’t force obedience.  Also explain that through obedience comes blessings.  All kids want blessings.

Which baggage pile are you hiding in?  Has the Lord called you to do something?  Are you putting it off or ignoring it?   Stop hiding.  Do exactly what He asks of you.  I promise you won’t be disappointed at the outcome.  Trust Him to see you through.

I am not worthy to be used by You, Lord.  I thank You that You see me as worthy.  Help me to respond quickly and obediently each time You call.


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