Exodus 22:28 “‘You shall not curse God, nor curse a ruler of your people.’”


 Few things get people more upset and argumentative than a bad leader or ruler.  You begin to talk bad about them and eventually even curse or threaten them. I’ve heard that from people I never thought would utter a bad word.  I’ve heard that from people who I agree with for the most part on most things.  But Scripture is plain.  We must pray for our leaders and not curse them.

God is giving Moses instructions for His people here in Exodus 22.  This is God talking, not man.  He tells us pretty directly how to treat our rulers.  So, if you have a problem with it, take it up with God, not me.  I have not always agreed with the policies of leaders in my life, but I must respect them.  To do otherwise is disobedience to God, which is sin.


 Children need to learn this early.  They must respect you, first of all.  But then you must teach them to respect the leaders in their lives.  This topic seems to come up a lot in Scripture.  It must be important, you think?  Teaching our children to bless and not curse their leaders is a gift.  By learning and doing this they are pleasing their Heavenly Father which always is a good thing.

But suppose you have a little Johnny who is just rude to everyone.  You had better hold him accountable.  You had better discipline him when you see or hear of this attitude.  Why?  You are preparing him for life and for following his supreme leader, Jesus Christ. Anything short of that is sin.

How are you doing with this?  Do you struggle with submission?  I do.  I have days when I just want my way.  I may disagree with my leaders, but I must obey and bless them.  I want to please my Father in heaven much more than a boss or supervisor.  But I have found when I do that, normally I will be a blessing rather than a curse to those I answer to.

Lord, thank You for allowing me the humility to be the wrong one when I know I am right.  Help me to submit to those who You have placed over me.


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