Exodus 21:6 “‘then his master shall bring him to God, then he shall bring him to the door or the doorpost. And his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall serve him permanently.’”


 Read verses 1-6 and then come back to this devotion……get the picture.  This man has chosen to NOT leave his master.  He has chosen to serve him.  And, as a result, he is marked with a piercing through his ear.  Everyone who saw that piercing would know that he had chosen his master over freedom.

I have heard a lot of messages on being a bondservant.  I have heard a lot of sermons on this exact passage, or at least it being used as a reference.  But I don’t think I have ever heard focus on the piercing as a visible sign to everyone around them.  We have the same mark on us as followers of Christ.  No, not a piercing.  But we have been stamped with His seal on our hearts.  Everyone should know we have chosen the Master.


 So, go out to your garage and get an awl.  Take your child to the door post and pierce…   I am just kidding. DON’T do that.  But you do need to talk to your children about standing out in the crowd as a follower of Christ.  They may not have a physical mark on their body that they are a Christian, but people should know.

Ask little Gertrude how people can know she loves Jesus.  I bet you get answers like this – loving others, doing good things, obeying you, etc.  These are all great ways.  But what is the most important way others can know?  By doing His will ALL THE TIME!  That’s what Jesus did and so should we.

Are you a bondservant of the Lord Jesus Christ?  Are you pierced through with surrender to His will?  Forsaking all others, follow Him.  He will keep you and defend you, like any good master.  He is the only true Master worth serving.

Master, I will follow.  I will do as You desire at all times.  Keep me close to Your side so I may observe You and serve You.


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