1 Chronicles 20:8 “These were descended from the giants in Gath, and they fell by the hand of David and by the hand of his servants.”


 Go back and read verses 4-8 of 1 Chronicles 20.  Go ahead, I’ll wait…  Are you done? Good.  This passage lists three other giants.  Other passages list four.  Whether it was three or four, it doesn’t matter.  Whether they were Goliath’s (the giant David killed) brothers, sons or a combination of the two, doesn’t matter.  The fact is there were other giants in David’s life.

How did he handle them?  Well, in the beginning when he killed Goliath he had chosen five smooth stones.  Hmmm, do you think he had seen the other giants in the crowd?  Later, when he was king, he had mighty men in his army who were able to take them down. Regardless how they fell, David trusted the Lord to defend His name.  God will always do that.


 That’s my point.  Teach your children that the “giants” they will face in their Christian walk aren’t concerned so much about tearing them down.  They want to nullify and disprove God’s faithfulness to His children.  God will not stand for that.  He will rise up and defend them.  But He may ask them to pick up some stones too.

“Hold it, Carl.  Are you saying God tells us to sling stones?”  No!  I am saying He wants us to be prepared for battle, just like David and his mighty men were.  Our sword is the Word of God.  Our shield is faith.  When we clothe ourselves with the breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation and put the gospel on our feet, we are able to withstand any enemy’s attacks.

That’s the lesson to teach your children.  Children are fascinated with giants.  When you read them this story, don’t focus on the 24 fingers and toes on the giant.  Focus on their defeat at the hand of God.  Giants hold no power of fear over us.

God of all creation, I look forward to hearing about all your creation, even giants, when I get to heaven.  But I look forward more to thanking You for the victories You gave me over those giants in my life who wanted to bring me down. 


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