1 Chronicles 16:43 “Then all the people departed each to his house, and David returned to bless his household.”


1 Chronicles 16 is a beautiful chapter on the return of the ark to the tent of meeting in Jerusalem.  David sets it back up and then establishes the men who will attend to the sacrifices and worship.  Verses 8-36 are a must read.  It’s a Psalm of thanksgiving and is full of beautiful imagery.

But it’s the last part of the last verse of this chapter that struck me.  After this day of worship and celebration, “David returned to bless his household.”  The king of Israel goes home and blesses his family.  Why didn’t he just let the priest do that?  Wasn’t he too busy to do that?  No, David knew the importance of leading his family well, and that begins with blessing them.


 If you have not done that, Dads, do it today.  Gather your brood together tonight and pray a blessing over them.  Lay your hands on their heads and ask the Lord to guide and strengthen them.  Ask the Lord to give them wisdom and discernment to follow Him.  Ask the Lord to direct their every step as they go to school or play.  Ask the Lord to bless them with a godly spouse.

Then turn to your wife and bless her. She needs that.  Ask her how you can bless her in the name of Jesus.  Get on your knees before her and lay your hands on her and pray over her.  I promise you she will let you.  This will bless her socks off.

This devotional today is addressed towards men and dads, but ladies you also can get a takeaway from it.  You too can bless your children daily.  Don’t just pray for protection over them.  Pray for the Lord to use them how He wants to.

O God, You bless me every day.  Help me to be faithful to bless my family daily.  Let me show them the power of prayer in their lives as they see these blessings come to fruition.


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