2 Chronicles 14:2 “Asa did good and right in the sight of the Lord his God,”


 Asa had a good reputation.  He “did good and right.”  But he didn’t just do that. He did it “in the sight of the Lord his God.” In other words, Asa wasn’t trying to impress people.  He was trying to please his God.  His motivation for doing good and right was a holy one, not self-serving.

We, on the other hand, tend to do what’s right only when we can get the glory.  We are more concerned about people noticing what we do.  We won’t say this, but we had rather have the praise of people we can see than from God who we can’t see.  There are not many people who do “good and right” just to please the Father.


May I ask you a favor?  Will you teach your children to not worry about pleasing you?  “What? I will not teach my children that, Carl.”  No wait a minute.  Think about it.  If their sole motivation for doing what is right and good is to please God, don’t you think that will please you too?  You can bet on it.

The problem with them pleasing us is we are fickle.  We change our minds.  We have different priorities at times.  That can confuse our children.  But God never changes.  His Word doesn’t change.  They will know what is good and right when they are 5 or 15 just by seeking His Will through His Word.  God won’t change midstream.

Have you ever struggled with doing right and good?  Well, maybe you are trying to please the wrong people. Focus on pleasing the Father. When you do that He is honored. When you do that He is pleased. Now, I will have to say that sometimes doing the right and good thing will make other people upset or uncomfortable. That’s okay.  Just please God.  He is the one who holds your eternity.

Lord God, You are the only one who I should try to please. I know by doing that those who love You will be pleased also.  Let me be like Asa and do good and right in Your eyes.


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